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ST. LOUIS- You never know when a disaster will strike. There are some emergency preparedness apps out there to help during a variety of situations.

Some apps even allow you to download information so you can access it without the internet. You can find these apps on your smartphone’s app store.

·        Information about over 20 emergencies, from avalanches to winter weather, is available.

·         Links to 911 and FEMA on front page.

·         Free for Android and iOS.

  • First Aid

·         Via the American Red Cross. 

·         Step-by-step instructions are provided for over 20 kinds of injuries, with additional videos. 

·         Option to call 911 directly from the app available.

·         In the event of a real emergency, turning on Location Services will enable the app to find your
nearest hospitals. 

·         Free for Android and iOS.

First Aid App
  • Hurricane

·         Via the American Red Cross. 

·         It allows you to monitor specific zip codes for hurricane, tornado, flood, and other warnings. 

·         The app can direct you to Red Cross links to volunteer both time and blood.

·         Free for Android and iOS.

  • MyShake

·         When a seismic event happens, the app will use the phones of everybody who has it to try to
measure the distance and prevalence of the impact of the quake.

·         Also includes earthquake preparation, survival, and recovery tips. 

·         Free for Android and iOS.

MyShake App

·         This app turns your phone into a walkie-talkie in case the phone network is down or you do
not wish to use it for some reason. 

·         Biggest downside: it is reliant on an Internet connection. Good to use in large events when cell
phone use is bad but internet is strong.

Zello App
  • FOX2Now App

    ·         Find your local forecast updated throughout the day

    ·         Get Severe Weather alerts to your phone

    ·        Local radar

Scott Schaffer, Chief Information Security Officer with Blade Technologies, provided information for this story.