Looking to level up your coding skills? Here’s 12 Philly bootcamps, orgs and resources – Technical.ly Philly

Like many things during the COVID-19 pandemic, learning how to make a career in tech has largely gone online this year.  The pandemic has halted some job opportunities and squeezed the hiring market in some industries, but the tech sector overall has weathered the storm better than other markets.

If you’re considering a career as a developer, need a low-cost facelift for your site or are interested in leveling up your tech skills for your current job, check out this list of (mostly) local resources.

We’ve created a list of bootcamps, meetups and online resources to get you in the know about code, plus a few for the kids (hello, parent bonding opportunity!). All are local or have some local tie, but are operating virtually for now.


For the long haul:

  • The deets: A virtual frontend and backend development course for future full-stack developers
  • When: 20 hours per week of live, virtual classes for 24 weeks or full-time for 12 (plus, check out the program’s demo day earlier this year.)
  • The different curriculums encompass coding, data analytics, FinTech and Cybersecurity
  • $$: $12,495

Tech Elevator

  • The deets: A virtual classroom, one-on-one mentorship and a pairing with classmates to help you through
  • When: Full-time for 50 to 60 hours per week for six months or 25 hours per week for seven
  • $$: $16,000 upfront, with multiple payment options and financing


The quickies:

  • The deets: Instructor-led, beginner-to-advanced training for professionals looking to advance and job-seekers looking to improve tech skills in Exton (but now remote, because of the pandemic)
  • When: Year-round, open-enrollment short courses
  • $$: Anywhere from $300 to $4,500, depending on the course
  • The deets: An org that’s aiming to help women of color build careers in tech with intro, beginner and intermediate coding workshops, networking events and industry talks
  • When: Monthly meetings, regular events
  • $$: $25 (financial aid available)

Philly Tech Sistas’ Sisters Learning Code workshop in May 2019. (Courtesy Philly Tech Sistas)

  • The deets: This meetup org is aimed at increasing diversity across the field of data science — with regular events, like last year’s Lead by Learning event at Penn.
  • When: regular virtual meetups found here
  • $$: per event
  • The deets: If you’re out of time for the full Thinkful course, the org sponsors a virtual weekly meetup for Philadelphians to get the basics of different languages, like JavaScript and Python
  • When: Weeknights
  • $$: Free
  • The deets: A group for local WordPress lovers to learn tips for plugins, themes and design
  • When: Monthly
  • $$: Free


On your own time:

  • The deets: An online certification course in HTML, Java, CSS, data visualization and more
  • When: 300 hours on your own time (and if you need some study buddies, check out this local meetup group for students)
  • $$: Free


For the kids:

  • The deets: A local tech organization for students K-12 that aims to fight inequality with tech programs and competitions through schools and community centers
  • When: virtually, after school and weekends
  • $$: Free

A scene from a Coded by Kids competition. (Courtesy Coded by Kids)


Know of other local Philly-based resources? Let us know at philly@technical.ly and we’ll update this list.