Meet Gary: The personal Israeli robot assistant for your home or office – The Jerusalem Post

Israel-based Unlimited Robotics revealed its new service robot, Gary, geared and manufactured to perform any home, business or office chore, the company announced in a statement. 

Alongside the big reveal, the 20-team member Israeli start-up also announced its new developer’s platform, Ra-Ya, which “makes it easier for any software engineer to build robotic applications even without prior experience in hard-coded environments.”

“The process of programming a robotic application is challenging, and it is not that simple for most software developers,” said Unlimited Robotics CEO Guy Altagar. “Unlimited Robotics is democratizing the way people can build applications for robots with the company’s groundbreaking technology. 

“We are empowering software engineers who do not have prior experience in robot programming, especially if they have experience in JavaScript and Python, to actually create pragmatic solutions for people’s homes, businesses, and offices.”

Gary can autonomously navigate its surroundings, moving through both new and familiar places at a speed of up to 1.2m/sec (3.1 mph). Gary also holds capabilities to navigate outdoor and uneven terrain, such as grass, carpets and tiles.

“He” can hold up to 5kg with his two robotic arms. Each arm has a different gripper to perform said tasks such as grabbing, holding and squeezing objects, as appropriate.

In order to see, the robot incorporates the use of three different infrared and in-depth cameras that help the robot improve its performance through the “extremely high processor and AI capabilities,” Unlimited Robotics said.

“Usually, a standard robot or an electronic device can perform only one function,” said Altagar. “With our technology, we are bringing a new way to build several mechanical and operational applications – all in one device.” 

“Imagine how much impact developers can now have on people’s lives and make them easier and better: We can bring a great number of mechanical solutions through software for people with disabilities, young parents, hotel and restaurants owners, nurses and doctors and more,” he added.

“All of the solutions are integrated on one device, which makes it more effective and easier to operate.”

Gary the autonomous robot assistant doing the laundry. (Unlimited Robotics)

With regard to the new developer’s software, the beta version of Ra-Ya is being offered for free. Within the program, developers can integrate and offer their applications to Gary’s consumers or businesses, whether on a paid or free monthly subscription.

“Through their unique technology of interconnectivity among the robots in their network, ‘one robot teaches the other robots how to improve in their next task,'” Altagar explained.

Gary, the robot, will be available for sale beginning in 2022. Unlimited Robotics is currently fielding a waiting list, in which users will be able to become one of the first to own Gary – starting with a $99 deposit.

Gary the autonomous robot assistant. (Unlimited Robotics)

The Unlimited Robotics team further expressed their optimism with their open-source platform, Ra-Ya. Unlimited Robotics notes that for any developer who has an idea to build an app on it, it would be a key factor to taking “their product to the next level in providing solutions for home and business owners, beyond dancing functions and impressive look.”