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From cloud storage to coding, we rounded up great discounts on four awesome iOS apps.
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Staying home hasn’t meant we’re using our phones any less. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Get the most out of your iPhone with any of these four great iOS apps — all discounted by more than half.

Unleash your inner developer with lifetime access to handpicked courses on C#, C++, PHP, Swift, Java, SQL and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Learnable: Lifetime License – 77% off

Educational platform Learnable offers handpicked coding lessons and courses. Choose the coding language you want to learn from a list of winners: C#, C++, PHP, Swift, Java, SQL and more. The courses are gamified (a la Duolingo), and they come complete with a study planner and progress points. You’ll be leveling up and earning badges to keep you motivated as you learn. Learnable even comes with a meditation mini-app to keep your mind clear.

Buy now: Get a lifetime of Learnable for $39.99. That’s 77% off the usual price.

From targeted workouts to individual meal plans, this app helps you achieve your body goals easier and faster.
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BetterMe Home Workout and Diet: Lifetime Subscription – 96% off

BetterMe presents personalized exercises paired with nutrition plans, so you can skip the gym and coaching, and begin your journey to health right from home. Its easy-to-make dishes match your dietary preferences, and its community articles, tips and FAQs answer any questions you might have along the way. It packs a handy step counter, yoga courses and other goodies, too. There’s even a water track to help you stay on top of your hydration.

Buy now: Get a lifetime subscription to BetterMe Home Workout and Diet for $39.99. That’s a massive 96% discount.

Save, share and enjoy even your largest files quickly and securely with pCloud.
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pCloud Premium Plus Cloud Storage: 1-Year Subscription – 68% off

Cloud storage is a must-have for anyone who uses a digital device. With pCloud, you get supremely secure online storage for all your photos, videos, music, documents and more. It’s all accessible straight from your phone without taking up any on-board space. This deal includes 2TB of cloud storage with download and upload links for easy collaboration, and high-level security with 256-bit TLS/SSL encryption. Bonus: It comes with a built-in video player for HD video streaming.

Buy now: Get a year of pCloud Premium Plus Cloud Storage for $29.99. That’s 68% off the usual price.

Easily transfer your playlists from one streaming platform to another.
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FreeYourMusic Premium Plan: Lifetime Subscription – 60% off

Whether you want to try a new streaming music platform, or you’re ready to make the jump to a new one, FreeYourMusic makes it easy to take all your music with you. Save tons of time on rebuilding your music collection by scanning your playlists and importing them from a range of different streaming providers. As of now, it works between Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, YouTube and more, so it’s most likely you can completely rebuild your whole library.

Buy now: Get a lifetime of FreeYourMusic Premium Plan for $39. That’s a full 60% discount.