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Whereas Java is among the most in-demand and extensively used programming languages on the planet, it’s not with out its detractors. Java will not be a very beginner-friendly language and it’s rife with inflexible guidelines and constructions that may be powerful to wrap your head round. Then there’s the NullPointerException.

Null pointer exception is an “exception” (error) that’s notably frequent when programming in Java. For a newbie, this can be a complicated and daunting message to obtain, however it may be simply as a lot of a headache for professionals to take care of! In reality, null pointer exceptions are so frequent and so damning, that they’re known as “the billion-dollar mistake.” Ouch!

On this put up, we’re going to unwrap the phrase to find precisely what it means and what it is best to do if you encounter a null pointer exception in your individual code!

What does null pointer exception imply?

First, we have to perceive exactly what is supposed by a pointer and the way it may be null!

To do that, it helps to do not forget that a variable is definitely a “pointer” that tells the pc to take a look at a sure location. That location will then include a price, which is the worth of the given variable.

So, if we are saying “int x = three” then the pc will select a location to name “x” and it’ll retailer the worth “three” there. Everytime you consult with x additional on in your code, the pc will have a look at that location and see that it’s a “three” (until you modified it). The variable factors the pc to the correct vacation spot.

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That is why it’s helpful to know the potential measurement of a variable first, because it tells the pc how a lot house to allocate for that worth.

However what occurs when you might have a pointer that doesn’t level anyplace? That’s the place the null pointer exception is available in.

Objects and references

An integer like “x” is what we name a “primitive kind.” That implies that it’s a basic worth.

An object, however, is a extra advanced knowledge construction that may have a number of values and strategies. Like primitive sorts, nevertheless, they nonetheless have to be saved someplace and so they nonetheless want an deal with and a pointer.

An instance is String. This isn’t a primitive kind in Java, however moderately a reference kind: on this case it “factors” to a category that may have a number of values and strategies. After getting initialized an occasion of a string, you are able to do issues like:


This can let you know how lengthy stated string is through the use of the tactic that belongs to that class. However that is additionally what makes the null pointer exception doable as a result of “size()” is a price that refers to a selected occasion of an object. Which means it acts on a selected string as soon as it has been created.

Thus, you should say:

String myString = “Whats up”;

However had been you to say:

String myString = null;

You’d have created a pointer (myString) however that pointer doesn’t level anyplace – it doesn’t know the place to look. One other method to say this? The pointer is null.

The important thing factor to know is that it’s not that there isn’t a worth, however moderately that the variable isn’t pointing anyplace for there to be a price.

There are particular coding design patterns that profit from the flexibility to assign null values, so it’s a helpful characteristic in these circumstances. So long as you do not forget that the thing is null!

Tips on how to forestall null pointer exceptions Java

The rationale that null pointer exceptions are so unpopular in Java is that they’re runtime exceptions. Which means the app will compile simply positive and also you’ll solely hear about them if you attain that time within the code. It’s, due to this fact, doable for a null pointer to slide by way of the online if you’re initializing a lot of objects on the fly.

That is why it’s helpful to incorporate measures to forestall null pointer exceptions throughout runtime.

The best approach to do that?

if (myString == null) 

This can provide help to to shortly test if an object is null, thereby circumventing code that might throw an exception. There are different methods you should use, too. For instance, when evaluating strings, it’s a superb transfer to invoke the tactic from the string literal, moderately than the opposite approach round:

If(“Whats up!”.equals(myString)) {

Reasonably than:

If(myString.equals(“Whats up!”)) {

You’ll keep away from throwing an exception this manner. OR you can simply use Kotlin, which is “null protected” by design!

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