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Tune in for Sept. 13

Not for the first time, “Masterpiece” (8 p.m. Sunday, PBS, check local listings) updates an old favorite. Joining “Upstairs Downstairs” and “Poldark,” the three-episode thriller “Van der Valk” revisits a franchise that ran on U.K. TV from 1972-92.

Set in Amsterdam, a city both genteel and exotic, historical and rife with the tensions of 21st-century cosmopolitan culture, “Van der Valk” stars Marc Warren (“Beecham House,” “The Good Wife”) as detective Piet van der Valk, a handsome, blond and seemingly unattached sleuth who specializes in the frequent homicides that bob up in the canals. “Van der Valk” blends traditional detective work with commentary on a Northern European society’s difficult adjustment to a multicultural population. The very first murder we’re shown on “Van der Valk” is shot through with political intrigue as an election nears between Social Democrats and anti-immigrant activists who have moved from the political fringe to the brink of power.


Scheduled on “60 Minutes” (6 p.m., CBS): an interview with Bob Woodward; Tijuana sewage and a profile of Joaquin Phoenix.

The Dodgers host the Astros in Major League Baseball (7 p.m., ESPN).

A casual fling becomes a homicidal stalker after a married woman’s one night of “Sinfidelity” (7 p.m., Lifetime).

So it begins: Two hours of “Halloween Wars” (8 p.m., Food) kick off the season.

Above and beyond on “Power Book II: Ghost” (7 p.m., Starz).

The Los Angeles Rams host the Dallas Cowboys in NFL Action (7:20 p.m., NBC).

A glimpse ahead on “The 2020 Fox Fall Preview Special” (8 p.m., Fox).

“How It Really Happened” (8 p.m., HLN) recalls the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

Ruby’s new perspective on “Lovecraft Country” (8 p.m., HBO).

Evidence points to a Tennessee hideaway on “Love Fraud” (8 p.m., Showtime).

The end of the game on the season finale of “We Hunt Together” (9 p.m., Showtime).

A celebrity’s daughter appears smitten with the program on “The Vow” (9 p.m., HBO).

Blending the graphic sensibilities of a thousand video games, the mystical malarky of medieval adventure and the absurdity of the Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” programming bloc, the new series “Tigtone” (11 p.m., Cartoon Network) debuts.

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