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Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4 – More Productivity
Written by Kay Ewbank   

Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4 has been released with more support for personal and team productivity, along with support for ‘modern development’ according to the Visual Studio team.

The preview is of the full desktop IDE, as opposed to Microsoft’s other similarly named Visual Studio Code. In a blog post about the new release, Mads Kristensen, Principal Program Manager for Visual Studio, said that in this release:

“we’ve focused on improving the performance of several key features. For example, find in files is now as much as 3x faster when searching large solutions”

Other areas that have been worked on include C++ IntelliSense performance improvements, which the team says is now around 12% faster for semantic colorization, along with optimizations to symbol database processing, and an almost two times improvement in speed when expanding C++ items in the solution explorer.

The other main area of improvements to this release are to the debugging facilities. This starts with the ability to select processes for debugging using a window picker. There’s also better handling of external sources to make it easier to load symbols for libraries outside your project.

The debugger now supports setting dependent breakpoints that can be used to configure additional breakpoints after another breakpoint is first hit. Kristensen said this can make debugging code in common paths (like a game loop or a utility API) much easier as a breakpoint in those functions can be configured to enable only if the function is invoked from a specific part of your application.

Some of the other ‘improvements’ are actually fixes for problems reported by testers of earlier previews. There’s a major update for the Blazor and Razor editors to overcome the issues found in Preview 3. These are accompanied by new capabilities for hot reload in ASP.NET Core, specifically a hot reload on file save, and the ability to apply changes to CSS files while they are live.

The new version is available now.


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