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This is an exciting time to be a fan of professional wrestling. CM Punk is back in wrestling, and AEW All Out was a sellout. AEW Boss Tony Khan shared his feelings, as did the fans when they said ‘Yes’ to a familiar face from a different company make his entrance at the end of the show. Bryan Danielson is now All Elite, as is Ruby Soho, f.k.a., Ruby Riott. The former NXT and NXT Tag Team Champion Adam Cole are now All Elite.

When all of this happened, I remembered The Miz’s words during his segment on The Rock’s return. ‘Social Media is buzzing; ratings are spiking, and…..’ Indeed all of this happened when the fans were all in on All Out. AEW has turned the tables around, and it seems like WWE is feeling it. After Mick Foley’s criticism, one needs to see what they do next. Until there is some change, let’s look at what went down in wrestling rumors/news.

WWE changes plans for title matches

WWE Raw saw a change of plans from the advertised matches but was it a last-minute change in the script like Vince McMahon does or, was it a situation-based thing? According to Dave Meltzer of WON and shared by WrestleTalk, the plans changed at the last moment. The tag match between Orton and Lashley and their tag team partners got finalized at the last moment.

It left Sheamus out of contention, but they added his name to the Priest vs McIntyre match. The Miz vs John Morrison changed to Morrison vs Omos due to Miz’s absence. It raises concerns as WWE programming has seen a paradigm shift, with the fans showing less interest in their program.

Backstage Heat for Matt Riddle after comments on Roman Reigns

The Original Bro can’t mince his speaking abilities which gets him in trouble. While he is doing well on the tag team side, his words don’t have the same impact. Matt Riddle’s comments about Roman Reigns during the Bleacher Report interview have fumed people backstage.

According to WON, and reported by WrestleTalk, there are people in the backstage team and management that didn’t take kindly to his words. It is not the first time Riddle is in hot water over his comments, as it happened when he wanted to wrestle Goldberg and retire Brock Lesnar. It looks like neither WWE nor Riddle are learning from their past mistakes.

Triple H’s role in NXT

The Cerebral Assasin has seen enough in the past week as he lost some credible superstars to a new company that he referred to as something else during DX’s Hall of Fame Ceremony. He had a cardiac-related issue, which is worked upon by specialists, and Triple H is in remission. While things may look good on the health aspect, Hunter may have lost some control in NXT.

According to the ever-reliable WrestleVotes, Hunter still holds the day-to-day control of NXT, but the approach and the view of NXT would change and require Vince and Co.’s stamp of approval. It is shocking as Hunter had a free hand on NXT, but it looks like Vince isn’t ready to give freedom to its people as long as they work with the WWE.

WrestleMania 38 plan change

The Great One and The Tribal Chief are not locking horns inside the squared circle at WrestleMania 38 as of this writing. Dave Meltzer noted this on Monday’s Radio program and WrestlingNews.Co reports that things may still be up in the air.

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The Rock is the biggest star in Hollywood, and any concern with him would put various projects on hold. It happened after WrestleMania 29, and neither The Most Electrifying Man in all of Sports Entertainment nor Hollywood would want to take that chance. It was a dream match that is still under the wraps until something changes down the line.