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If you are interested in learning how to code, today is the best time to start. You no longer need to attend expensive offline courses and sit in front of your computer to grab the idea of what web programming is. Today, you have tons of other options to learn the fundamentals of coding which most people would find sufficient to meet their needs.

You can turn any contemporary Android or iOS device into a learning hub to grow your mastery in coding. That could sound surreal 10 years ago, but now it’s the way things are done. A small device in your pocket with some preinstalled apps can help you acquire coding skills from anywhere and at any time.

In this post, we’ve decided to list several most popular apps that can help you become a guru of coding. Should you be serious about learning new skills, leave your essays to an EssayHub essay helper or any other essay writing service, make yourself comfortable, and start coding.

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Easy Coder

As the name suggests, Easy Coder offers an easy way to learn Java programming. It has lots of materials, quizzes, and challenges dedicated to teaching you the basics of coding.

This app is great if you need to study Java from scratch. Short and concise lessons are all you need to complete practices and clarify the main programming concepts for yourself. This app, however, runs on Android devices only.


SoloLearn is a great app available on Android and iOS devices; it is also available in a web version. It helps to start programming using JavaScript, Python, Java, and other languages.

This app offers lots of useful materials and tutorials provided to visitors for free. It also has a free trial, but the courses are generally provided with a fee. You can pay for a monthly or yearly subscription as well.

Programming Hub

If you need something substantial to approach coding seriously, Programming Hub is probably the first thing you should consider trying. This app ranks top in Google Play as the Editor’s Choice and was developed together with Google experts.

Programming Hub is known for its concise lessons teaching various programming languages. Whatever it is that you need to study, Programming Hub has it. All you need is to give it a try.


Encode is one of the best apps for learning coding on the Internet, which is available only on Android devices. The app has got a large army of fans because it provides consistent and comprehensive materials and works even offline.

Encode teaches HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript in bite-size lessons. In addition, the app has lots of practical examples and challenges for students to try to solve coding problems on their own.

Enki App

If you’ve already learned the basics of programming and want to have a personalized app to track the advancement of your skills, you can use Enki App. It helps in learning various programming languages by analyzing your weaknesses and keeping track of your progress.

Every new lesson is a summary of the previous ones with a piece of new information. You can also easily find materials to refresh skills acquired a few lessons earlier. The app’s great for learning the main concept, setting daily goals, and working on your weak spots.


This app has hundreds of lessons intended to prepare experts in website, mobile app, and game development. You can choose the programming language you need to study and do it step by step. The app works on Android devices only and teaches students using a gamified environment. It offers lots of challenges and quizzes for users to test their knowledge.


Tynker is great for students who want to study coding at their own pace. For example, if you feel the need to go back and learn a previous lesson once again, Tynker has no objection to it. On the contrary, it tries to bring education further by meeting individual learning needs.

Tynker supports not only basic coding but also game design and languages such as Python and JavaScript. It has lots of quizzes, tasks, and challenges for users as well.


Mimo helps learners develop coding skills to design a simple game or create a website. It keeps track of users’ achievements and customizes learning based on it. You can use Mimo on your Android and iOS devices if you want to learn JavaScript, Ruby, and other popular languages.

Programming Hero

This app is a great choice for those who enjoy having fun while learning. It adjusts teaching patterns based on your individual needs and indeed makes coding fun. All you should do is to enter this game, communicate with other learners, and memorize all coding tips along the way.


Grasshopper is a free coding app available on Android and iOS devices that focuses on JavaScript. It is dedicated to leading you from the basics to mastery. All that’s required from you is your interest and some time to go through the learning process and complete practical tasks.