Debunking Apple M1X Naysayers. A lot of people claim Apple’s M1X will… | by Erik Engheim | May, 2021 | Medium – Medium

A lot of people claim Apple’s M1X will be significantly restrained in terms of number of cores and memory. Here is the case against that view.

The M1X is rumored to have 12 cores in total, with 8 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores.

Every time these rumors and speculations pop up naysayers are eager to pour cold water on the whole idea. The M1 is already too large they say. They cannot expand it with that many cores. And even if they could, that means they cannot expand the memory and performance will suffer anyway.

A comparson of the M1 with the largest Intel i9 in terms of size of silicon die.
The “cores” area represent 4 firestorm and 4 icestorm cores with their associated cache. You can see we can add roughly two extra blocks and still stay within the size of an Intel i9.

Okay, whatever, but they cannot fit more memory right? Wrong! The memory is not on the wafer. The limited silicon area we are dealing with here does not involve the RAM. Contrary to many misconceptions, the memory is not part of a single silicon wafer with the rest of the chip. The memory is simply put in the same package.

The M1 processor with its cores, GPU and everything on the left. On the right you see two LPDDR4X SDRAM modules. The memory is separate but packaged together.

Unless the naysayers can provide us with some compelling arguments, statistics, specs or facts which explains why Apple cannot pull off the rumored M1X with a lot more cores and memory, what we know thus far points to this being totally doable.