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Data science is a popular research area these days, given that almost every large organization relies on big data and data analytics to live. All decision makers need to get the best possible insights to measure and predict performance and improve business processes.

It’s clear Is important to your organization and is in high demand, but it is important to understand that you are not limited to a particular area. In fact, this is an interdisciplinary approach that specializes in detecting, extracting, and analyzing patterns in large datasets. This is sometimes referred to as data mining. This can be done in a variety of ways enhanced by machine learning (ML), an approach that includes computer algorithms taught to represent specific behaviors related to task completion. Data mining is used for data visualization, advanced analytics, predictive analytics, statistics, and more.

If you are an educator in the field of data science, you need to provide students with the best information and tools to give them a competitive advantage after graduation. Below are some great low-cost and even free ways to equip your classroom.

Python resource

The Python programming language quickly became one of the most popular languages ​​because of its focus on code readability and convenient coding. This language allows programmers and developers to write functions with much less code than in other languages ​​such as Java and C ++. This programming language is usually used to teach in education, programmer, It certainly doesn’t hurt for data science students to learn one or two things about it.

Thanks to the popularity of Python, Python is compatible with all the APIs that actually exist. This means that post-graduation citizen data scientists are more likely to encounter a variety of programs and systems that depend on them. Python’s own website provides a variety of tools for educators, including educational, learning environments, and mailing lists to discuss Python applications in textbooks. Think python Author Allen B. Downey. Best of all, these resources are all free.

TIBCO spotfire

TIBCO is an enterprise-level software provider with a focus primarily on data visualization, predictive analytics, and data science. They are industry leaders in their products, and many companies use their technology to partner with TIBCO. ..

However, TIBCO does more than just help business users and large organizations. We also provide excellent resources for educators and students thanks to the TIBCO Academic Alliance. The program provides data science students with hands-on experience and free or low-cost educational tools to ensure they acquire the relevant skills needed to compete and stand out from the crowd.so , Your classroom is equipped to provide the best possible environment for your students.

TIBCO Spotfire is a data visualization and advanced analytics software solution used by various organizations as-is or based on custom solutions. Compatible APIs make it easy to integrate and optimize on most systems. Spotfire also offers academic licenses for educators and students. The license is the same no matter who applies.

To qualify for this Spotfire license, you must provide a valid academic email address when filling out the registration form. Later in the process, you will also need a valid faculty or student ID. When you receive the form, you will usually receive a reply within 5 business days. Once approved, you will receive a TIBCO Cloud account and be granted access to Spotfire. By providing this to students, you will have a very valuable classroom experience after graduation.

If these great options are offered for free or at a low price, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on educational tools. You may also be able to obtain a free Spotfire license if you meet certain requirements.

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