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JetBrains conducts a survey among developers every year, and the results of the “State of Developer Ecosystem 2021” have now been published. It not only collects the most frequently used programming languages, but also additional information on everyday life as a developer. We can already reveal this much: Water consumption exceeds coffee consumption, programming is no longer a favorite leisure activity and sleeping is a hobby in the survey.

As in the previous year, JavaScript remains the most widely used programming language – more than two thirds of those surveyed (69 percent) use this language. It is followed by HTML / CSS in second place with 60 percent, which is not classified as a programming language but, as noted by JetBrains, is sensibly listed. In the following places are SQL (54%), Python (52%) and Java (49%):

State of the Developer Ecosystem 2021: The most used programming languages ​​2017-2021

(Image: JetBrains)

Most of the respondents work in web development (61 percent). The overwhelming majority (93%) deal primarily with programming, 52 percent with code reviews, 44 percent with testing. The professional focus is slightly different depending on gender, for example women are more often involved in data analysis or in the UX / UI area.

The operating systems used for development have remained fairly constant over the years, as JetBrains notes. Windows is still ahead with 61 percent. This is followed by Linux (47%) and macOS (44%) and others unspecified (1%):

State of the Developer Ecosystem 2021: Most used operating systems

(Image: JetBrains)

JetBrains recorded the gender of the study participants: male, female or other. Diversity is highest in South Korea (85% male, 13% female, 2% other) and lowest in Japan (95% male, 3% female, 2% other).

For Germany, also at the lower end of the diversity scale, the numbers are similar to those in Japan: 94% male, 3% female and 3% others. Overall, according to JetBrains, the diversity among younger developers is increasing.

In the last edition of the survey, the respondents named programming as their favorite leisure activity in the “Lifestyle and Fun” category. That has changed in the meantime, because video games are just ahead of programming at 59 percent (57%). Sleeping ranks 8th among the most popular leisure activities at 26%, ahead of travel and social activities (17 percent each).

One of the striking survey results is that dark mode is the most popular in IDEs with 84% and that just as many respondents (84%) eat snacks while programming. Among the most popular beverages, water (66%) is ahead of coffee (59%).

The Czech company JetBrains is known as a provider of development environments, including the Java IDE IntelliJ IDEA. The survey results of this year’s “State of Developer Ecosystem” are based on the responses of 31,743 people.

A new feature of the fifth round of the survey is the expansion to 183 countries – last year the people surveyed came from only 18 countries. According to JetBrains, this has had an impact on the distribution of programming languages ​​shown above, as Python and Java, for example, have a lower share in the newly added regions, while PHP gains three percentage points.

At JetBrains the full report is available. More background information offers a blog post.


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