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Raised by Wolves became one of HBO Max’s first original series when it was released in September 2020 and both fans and critics were impressed with the enigmatic sci-fi.

It didn’t take long for HBO Max to commit to more as Raised by Wolves was renewed for season 2 on September 17th after just six episodes had aired.

Now, we’re well into 2021 and production on season 2 is underway but what do we know about Raised by Wolves’ long-awaited return?

Raised by Wolves | New Trailer | HBO Max



Raised by Wolves | New Trailer | HBO Max





Season 1 recap and how it sets up season 2

At its centre, Raised by Wolves tells the story of two androids, named Mother and Father, who are tasked with raising a group of human children after the destruction of Earth in a devastating war.

However, the emerging colonies on Kepler 22b are faced with the threat of being torn apart as differing religious beliefs cause a rift between the survivors and tensions begin to rise.

By the end of season 1, Mother, Father and the children go in search of a more habitable location as Mother is getting ready to give birth. However, when Mother does give birth to a leech-like flying snake creature, it’s clear that her pregnancy is nothing to do with her programming but an infection.

As more atheists arrive on Kepler, Mother and Father crashland to find themselves in the planet’s tropical zone where the fast-growing flying snake creature escapes.

In season 2, Mother, Father and the children look set to join the newly arrived atheists but if the surviving humans can’t unite, Mother’s ‘child’ could prove to be the annihilation of what remains of humanity.

Season 2 filming schedule and release date

A tweet from Father actor Abubakar Salim confirmed that filming on season 2 began on March 8th, 2021.

No end date for the end of filming has been revealed but season 1’s production schedule ran for nine months according to IMDb.

If the season 2 shoot takes a similar amount of time, it could well be December by the time filming for season 2 comes to an end.

Raised by Wolves’ production schedule also gives us a rough idea of when season 2 could be released.

While no date has been officially revealed for season 2, Raised by Wolves’ first season premiered roughly one year after filming concluded.

If there is a similar post-production period for season 2, it could well be late 2022 (potentially as late as December) by the time Raised by Wolves returns.

New cast additions for season 2

In May 2020, Deadline announced that six new cast members had been added to Raised by Wolves for season 2.

Joining Amanda Collin, Abubakar Salim and the existing cast are:

  • Peter Christoffersen as Cleaver | A devoted atheist soldier and veteran of the war on Earth whose only friend is a super-computer that he’s been sworn to protect.
  • Selina Jones as Grandmother | Grandmother is a god-like android built thousands of years ago by the lost civilization that used to inhabit Kepler 22b.
  • Morgan Santo as Vrille | A fully humanoid android that is custom built to look and behave just as the real Vrille Pell did before she committed suicide.
  • James Harkness as Tamerlane | An atheist army grunt soldier who found his calling fighting the Mithraic on Earth. In season 2 he must learn to live with his former enemies as neighbours, something which he often violently rebels against.
  • Kim Engelbrecht as Decima | A prominent scientist and weapons developer on Earth who achieved domination in her field through somewhat immoral methods.
  • Jennifer Saayeng as Nerva | An atheist woman who runs an underground network of goods and services. Nerva lost a child to disease on her turbulent trip to Kepler and often looks out for the burgeoning colony’s children.

Season 2 of Raised by Wolves has been confirmed by HBO Max and is currently in production.

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