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HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Java has for years been the most popular programming language, and it is now easy to understand why there are many Java companies across the globe; however, there are some particular . With so many Java companies claiming to deliver top-quality services, finding the right one can be quite challenging.

Although Java is among the most trusted programming languages in building special software, websites, and applications, it is important to hire the right company. Not every company has what it takes to deliver the best Java application development services.

has helped over 800 startups and enterprises find the right software development outsourcing companies in Vietnam. This article is about 5 Java development companies in the world which are certified by customers who have used their services and reviews from reputable sites such as , , and .


Saigon Technology is one of the award-winning and leading . Since its inception in 2010, the company has delivered several IT solutions to hundreds of local and international clients,especially providing professional & Services. The company has a team of dedicated professionals who are proficient with various technologies and programming languages. This helps in delivering extraordinary software, websites, and applications.

Java is one of the most used programming languages, but the company also offers other languages, including , , , and other front-end technologies. In addition, Saigon Technology also remains updated on the latest technologies and techniques in Java and other front-end technologies.

Apart from Java, Saigon Technology has great expertise in application of other modern technologies such as PHP, Angular, .Net Core, Ruby on Rails, AI, Cloud Migration, ML, AWS, and Azure. Thus, the company has the capacity to start a project of any scope and scale by relying on the team of senior software engineers and talented technical architects.

Some of their retained customers include Team Assurance, Karcher GmbH, Standard Chartered Bank and Topicus Finance.


TechTIQ Solutions is among the most trusted Java development companies in the IT industry. The company has invested in the latest technologies and techniques that help in ensuring projects are done effectively, accurately, and efficiently. Java is one of the key technologies that the company uses in software development, but the company has access to other modern technologies.

With Java and other modern front-end technologies, the company is able to deliver high-quality software, website, and applications. Besides, they always about all the challenges that business leaders and entrepreneurs face in their journey to success.

Based in Singapore, TechTIQ solutions offers solutions to both local and using Java and other front-end technologies. Like other top Java development companies, TechTIQ Solutions adjust properly to suit all your special needs.

Besides, TechTIQ Solutions aims at building strong partnerships with their clients and offer maintenance services and iterative support to both large and small companies after the Java development services. Apart from Java development services, TechTIQ Solutions provides other digital transformation solutions. This highlights their great passion, technological proficiency for domain expertise and innovative solutions.


With the ever-growing demand for the latest technologies, there is a steady increase in the costs of implementing IT projects and hiring IT services. However, the spilling costs don’t always guarantee high-quality software or code. The ODS Group is one of the most reputable companies in providing Java development services and other .

Initially, the software development company was started to offer digital solutions to clients in the US and Singapore, but the company has a branch in Australia. It also offers and services to hundreds of clients across the globe.

Apart from Java, the company delivers excellent websites, applications, and software through other modern frameworks such as , , and, . With ODS Group, you can easily scale your web application development as they have the right expertise and access to all the requirements.

ODS Group has a team of fully employed experts working with great expertise in delivering Java development services. Therefore, the company has what it takes to help you get your desired results.


With over 23 years in Java development, ScienceSoft is now a global software development company that focuses on delivering effective IT solutions. It also offers embedded solutions and web services through Java language and frameworks that are able to operate on any platform.

ScienceSoft is focused on engineering high-quality and sustainable Java solutions using the most trusted and latest architecture patterns and technologies. It also provides timely engineering of Java applications with clean code with unit tests.

Finally, the company has completed over 100 projects on Java application services. Java developers stand in the industry due to their clean Java code, mature culture, and Future-proof application architectures.


IntellectSoft is a software development and digital transformation Consultancy Company that also specializes in delivering Java applications services. The company has delivered top engineering solutions to over 500 clients, including enterprise clients and companies.

Started in 2007, the company has established itself as one of the leading global Java application development companies. The company uses Java and other modern technologies to develop cutting-edge websites and applications that help accelerate the adoption of the latest technology in business operations.

Final Thoughts

Java development helps in engineering cutting-edge mobile and web applications, embedded software solutions, and web services. Therefore, there is a great need to look for a company that offers the best Java application development services. We feel that our team of the top Java development companies will help you find the right software outsourcing partner.

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Editorial Manager
Vietnam Software Development Industry Insights

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